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My garage door broke yesterday and I called League City Ultra Garage Doors right away. Their technicians arrived within an hour and started working on the problem right away. They also gave an estimate of the amount it would take to fix my garage door, so I was not surprised when they asked for the payment. It was a really good thing. Each of them had a different task, so the process was completed fast. They also lubricated the door and reset the speed and torque of the machine. Now, our garage door is more efficient than ever. The service was great and the cost was very reasonable! Highly recommended!

Robert Jeter

One of the torsion springs on my garage door broke. I called League City Garage Door Repair and told them my concern. They gave an estimate and arrived within an hour. They also answered all my questions. When the staff came to our house, they worked on our garage door right away. They inspected the door first and replaced the torsion springs in just a few minutes. They did not mind me observing while they worked. Now, our garage door is working well. The amount they charged was also very reasonable. Thanks for the quality service! I would definitely recommend you!

Erica Cha

My garage door was hard to open and close and it’s definitely frustrating. One time, I was running late for work and the garage door would not just budge. I had no choice, but to commute. The next day, which was also my day off, I called League City Garage Door Repair to fix my garage door. My experience with them was great. They arrived at our house within an hour and worked on our garage door right away. They replaced the springs and rollers and did other small repairs. The best thing about their service is that they charged me with the same amount. I am extremely satisfied with their work and would gladly recommend them to my friends.

Dawn Thomas

Our garage door suddenly decided not to let us in. It just wouldn’t open. We didn’t have any idea about the problem, so we decided to call League City Garage Door Repair to see if they could take a look at our garage door. Within one hour of my phone call, a technician arrived at our house. He inspected the door and quickly diagnosed the main problem. He brought a set of spare parts, so he was able to replace our opener within an hour. He also gave us some troubleshooting tips in case our garage door starts acting up again. Thank you for a job well done!

Thomas Davis

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