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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs Service By Ultra Garage Doors Repair League City TX

What You Need to Know About Garage Door Springs

 The garage door has a number of components and systems that are all interdependent.  One very important component in a modern garage door is the spring.  There are two main types that are commonly used, the torsion and extension springs. These are found above the garage door. They have an important role, which is to support the garage door as it is raised. If the garage door is raised up and the spring snaps, the panel itself may come crashing down.

A spring, like all metals, is work hardened. Applying tension to it then releasing the tension results in a force being applied to it. This is known as a cycle in garage door springs. The molecular structure of the metal changes. In time, the metal does get harder and more brittle. The spring will lose its springiness.  There will come a point when the spring will break.  On average, this will take 10,000 cycles. This may seem like a long time, but in a “high usage” garage door, springs will start to snap relatively quickly.

If you open and close your garage door eight times a day, then the springs will start breaking in only three years. If the door is closed six times on average six times a day, then the springs will start failing in five years.  This is still a short period of time.  Springs will snap in seven years if the garage door is closed four times daily. With garage door springs, it is only when the garage door is open and closed twice a day that they will last for 14 years.

Garage Door Springs Maintenance

If you use your garage a lot, then problems will start occurring fairly quickly.  You may have a garage with a car, bikes and motorbikes in it. You may run a delivery business where small vans are constantly coming and going in and out of your garages. In this case, it would make a lot of sense, if you live in League City TX, then get in contact with Garage Doors Repair League City TX.  It would also be a very good idea to set up a regular maintenance account with the company.  Waiting for the springs to start breaking could be very dangerous and can lead to expensive repair bills. Also, garage door springs are under high tension.  Releasing one will cause it to jump out at you.  This may cause you injury. The garage door will have to be properly clamped.

In addition, how will you know which spring to buy?  The technicians at our garage door repair company have access to OEM or Original Equipment Manufactured parts.  These are components that are manufactured to work with a particular garage door. Do not be tempted to buy cheaper alternatives. There are no hidden charges or add-on extras with our company. This is not the only system that requires constant maintenance. The opener uses a lot of different systems.  These will need regular attention, too.

Garage Door Spring Repair – Expert Service

When it comes to the opener systems, the main drive for the opener is either a belt drive or a chain drive. Bolts and fitting will loosen in time. These will need adjusting and tightening. A skilled garage door spring repair engineer will know which wrench and tools to use, plus the degree of tightening needed. You can undertake monthly visual inspections.  These will be useful in picking up any wear and tear or other potential problems developing. If there are any worries, call the garage door spring repair engineers at Ultra Garage Door Repair.

A force test should be attempted every month. This is to check and see if the door sensors are working. The garage door should be open. Close it with the “opener” transmitter. When the door closes, try and open it again.  If it does not go back up, the whole door may slam shut. Get your hands or feet out of the way as soon as possible. If this test worries you, then again call in the garage door spring repair engineers to do this for you.

A door balance test must be attempted monthly.  You disconnect the opener power drive to start with.  The door should be moved half way up. If the door does not stay in position or is out of balance, this could indicate a problem with the garage door springs.  Again the experts should be called in to adjust the springs or to replace them if needed.

Garage Door Spring Repair and other Services

The other important system is the rollers.  These also include the associated hinges, plus the tracking that the rollers should lock into.  Ultra Garage Door Repair recommends checks twice a year.  It would also be wise to keep an eye on these systems during your monthly visual checks. Rollers are either steel or nylon. They can be subject to wear and damage. Hinges can work loose. Tracking can get dented and damaged.  Moving parts should be oiled.  This applies to all the mechanical systems as well.

The external structure of the garage door should not be forgotten either. The panels can be made of different materials, such as steel, aluminum, various plastics, and natural timbers or composite boards.  In time, given hot summers and bad storms, the panels will wear out.  They may also get damaged. Dented panels may upset the internal balance of the lifting mechanisms. Cracks in the door panels or worn weather seals, will also allow moisture into the garage.  This could rust components and short out circuits. There are a number of different electrical systems associated with the opener. If there are any problems with the mains supply, isolate the power and call in the experts.  Do not attempt any repairs yourself.

Limit switches may need changing, circuits changing. The remote and opener electronics may need up dating and re programming. Treat your garage door more like your car.  Routine checks are needed for your vehicle. This should be the same for your garage doors.